• Kanoni, Mouse island

    Kanóni, Corfu, Greece .

    Kanoni, the church of Panagia Vlacherna and the Mouse Island in Corfu: The location of Kanoni with the church of Panagia Vlacherna below and the Mouse Island (Pontikonissi) are the most famous and photographed spots of Corfu. Kanoni is actually a quarter of Corfu Town, just a couple of km from the city center. It took its name from an old cannon that stands on top of the hill. This hill is lush green and has many luxurious hotels and local residences.

  • Theotoky Estate

    Theotoky Estate, Corfu, Greece .

    The Theotoky family are an old landowning family in Corfu Island, Greece, several members of which have been prominent politicians. They originally hailed from Constantinople, whence they fled following its fall to the Ottomans, eventually settling in Corfu. The painter El Greco (Domenico Theotokopoulos) was descended from a branch of the same family that fled to Crete. The Corfiot branch was ennobled with the title of Count by the Republic of Venice and was entered in the Libro d'Oro, but their titles lapsed in Greece when the Ionian islands became part of the Kingdom of Greece, which did not recognise noble titles. The various branches are: The Calocardári, the Sclebúni, the Statháchi, the Sammárco, the Andrucélli, and the D'Aviázzo. The latter developed a tradition of public service and were further nicknamed the Politikoí (Politicians).

     The Theotoky family is one of the oldest families in Greece and the Estate has been in the family for generations. John Theotoky, father of the current owner, Georges Theotoky, studied at the famous Universität für Bodenkultur (University for Agriculture) in Vienna and was deeply attached to the land.

  • Palaiokastritsa

    Palaiokastritsa, Greece .

    Palaiokastritsa (Greek: Παλαιοκαστρίτσα meaning Little Old Castle place, referring to nearby Angelokastro) is a village in northwestern Corfu, Greece. Corfu has been suggested to be the mythical island of the Phaeacians and the bay of Palaiokastritsa to be the place where Odysseus disembarked and met Nausicaa for the first time. The monastery in Palaiokastritsa, which dates from 1225, houses a museum.

  • Porto Timoni Beach

    Afiones Village .

    World famous double beach, 30 min down hill walk from beautiful Afiones village

  • Cape Drastis Lookout

    Peroulades Village .

    Cape Drastis Lookout - one of Corfu´s most iconic landmarks just west of Peroulades Village

  • Canal D´Amour

    Sidari .

    Canal D´Amour is another of Corfu's most iconic landmarks for beautiful romantic vistas and lovely cafes.