• Porto Timoni Beach

    Afiones Village .

    World famous double beach, 30 min down hill walk from beautiful Afiones village. 15 min drive from Sunsea Resort

  • Cape Drastis Lookout

    Peroulades Village .

    Cape Drastis Lookout - one of Corfu´s most iconic landmarks just west of Peroulades Village

  • Canal D´Amour

    Sidari .

    Canal D´Amour is another of Corfu's most iconic landmarks for beautiful romantic vistas and lovely cafes.

  • Palaiokastritsa

    Palaiokastritsa, Greece .

    Palaiokastritsa (Greek: Παλαιοκαστρίτσα meaning Little Old Castle place, referring to nearby Angelokastro) is a village in northwestern Corfu, Greece. Corfu has been suggested to be the mythical island of the Phaeacians and the bay of Palaiokastritsa to be the place where Odysseus disembarked and met Nausicaa for the first time. The monastery in Palaiokastritsa, which dates from 1225, houses a museum.