Sunsea's groundbreaking multifaceted approach to Longevity health focuses on an Epigenetic (healing at a DNA level) beneficial diet with local foods such as Corfu Olive Oil, produce, honey, proteins, and through a gentle exercise regimen to reduce stress, insulin resistance, weight, inflammation, pain, and increase power and strength. We also offer a full array of adaptogen and nootropic elixirs, smoothies, ingredients in our breakfast and pool menu, as well as teas that will change you both physically and mentally. Though open from April 1 to Oct 31, from May 15 to Sept 30 guests will receive one massage session per person (3 night min stay 15/5-30/6/24, 5 night min stay 1/7-30/9/24), yoga, strength training, fascia rolling, fun activities, HIIT & swim training on the beach with USA national champion. We also focus on creative events like our Painting 'n Wine tasting with San Stefanos Gallery Owner, fun activity nights to connect with other guests all of which promotes joy and reduces stress! Finally, we assist in arranging excursions leaving steps from resort. Sunsea is great for solo, couple, and group travelers including hosting retreats or anyone looking for a new reality in Greece where it all began!